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About Us

Who are we and what is our activity?

At the beginning of 2018, people from different disciplines (sociology, environmental engineering, geography, law, chemistry, etc.) and working in different fields (university, private sector and public) have concerns about the problem of climate change, national and international political, scientific, Experts who follow legal and technical debates, sometimes create and share opinions, work in various fields of the environmental sector, and carry out scientific studies on the subject in universities, came together and established the Climate Change Policy and Research Association, which can also serve as a think tank in our country that it lacks in this field. .

Our association has a perspective that attaches importance to the issue of adaptation to the problem of climate change, as well as the effort to reduce greenhouse gasses. Climate change is one of the most prominent problems that have social, economic and even legal effects as well as the common and environmental effects of all living and non-living beings on our planet. A rational, scientific, rigorous and consistent approach to the phenomenon of global climate change, which we are faced with as people sharing the same globe, will be an attitude that looks out for the common good for our future. In this context, our association determines its main objectives as independently and together with other NGOs, public and private sector individuals, institutions and organizations, to conduct technical and scientific research on the problem of climate change, to offer suggestions for combating and adaptation to climate change, and to produce policies. For this purpose, it became a member of the European Climate Action Network (CAN) in June 2020.

On the other hand, we believe that it is of great importance to provide training and consultancy services on the causes and consequences of this phenomenon, its effects on people, society, the environment and the business world, by enabling a scientific and rational approach to the problem of climate change, which is closely related to all humanity. In this context, our association sets itself a target to provide scientific training and consultancy services.

Supporting academic studies, including different disciplines, to be carried out in our country on climate change, stands out as another main purpose of our association. Our association, which believes in the necessity of acting through scientific data, aims to raise the awareness of the public, academics, local governments, public and private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations on climate change in Turkey through events such as publications, projects, congresses and symposiums. It is among our priorities to carry out joint studies with national and international institutions and organizations related to climate change and to work on protecting nature and human health.The concrete data and outputs that will emerge from all these efforts will be shared with policy makers, managers and interested parties. and supporting studies will be implemented in order to influence the decisions to be taken.

In summary, Climate Change Policy and Research Association; It aims to carry out studies on the climate change problem in the national and international arena, to contribute to the updating of the country's legislation, to increase and support more efficient and effective studies on the climate change problem in the academic field, including R&D, and to guide our country's policies.