Our association is a member of CAN

Reports and Agreements

Climate Change Policy and Research Association has been working since 2018 to strengthen the climate network. The year 2020 has been a year in which our representation in the name of climate has become even stronger. Our association signed many agreements in June 2020 in order to make our voices heard stronger. The first of these was realized with the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (JCI) Association Kadıköy. Founded in 1915, the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association (JCI) carries out global sustainable activities with its 5000 branches and 200.000 active members in 128 countries of the world. For more information about JCI: https://www.jciturkiye.org/

Another step taken by our association in June is to become a member of the Climate Action Network Europe. CAN Europe is part of Climate Action Network (CAN) International. The studies carried out by the Climate Action Network in the world, especially on environmental performance indicators, make a lot of noise and guide the decision makers. CAN is a climate networks coalition with over 1100 members.

For more information about CAN Europe: http://www.caneurope.org